CompTIA A+ Mindmaps

My latest project is to take the A+ and N+ exams.

The following mindmaps do not replace using the full course books, especially as they all have sample exams, pictures of components and so forth, but the mindmaps can be used as an additional revision aid.

I take no responsibilty of any omissions or errors in these mindmaps. You use my notes at your own risk!

Core Hardware (2003)
Domain 1 - Installation, Configuration and Upgrading  
Domain 2 - Diagnosing & Troubleshooting  
Domain 3 - PC Preventative maintenance, safety & environmental issues  
Domain 4 - Motherboard / Processors / Memory  
Domain 5 - Printers  
Domain 6 - Basic Networking  
Core Operating Systems (2003)
Domain 1 - Operating System Funcementals  
Domain 2 - Installation, Configuration & Upgrading  
Domain 3 - Daignosing & Troubleshooting  
Domain 4 - Networks  


More coming soon...